Q: What is “Frame It Yourself” all about, anyhow?

A: Frame It Yourself used to be exclusively a shop where people could create their own custom frames from a selection of in-stock moulding. This worked for a long time, but with
today's economy, it just doesn't work to keep all those materials on-hand. Additionally, the interest in DIY framing has diminished over the past 20 years to where it just can't sustain a
business. Today, we're an awesome custom frame shop, and we hope to be so for many years to come.

Q: How much will it cost me for this project?

A: A MILLION DOLLARS!! (insert evil laughter here)

Seriously, though, this is the most-often asked question we get, and also the most complicated to answer. Each piece of art is unique, and the price will depend on the size of the art,
which frame and/or matboard(s) you select, as well as what materials are needed to frame it properly. Believe us when we say that if there were a way to standardize the price for all
our frames that was fair and affordable, we’d do it in a heartbeat.

If you call for a quote, the best we can do is a VERY rough estimate. Again, the above variables just make it too difficult to narrow things down. Any figures we give over the phone
are not intended to be a firm quote, only a rough idea of what one may expect to pay. YMMV.

The best and most honest way for us to price your project is for you to bring in the art to be framed and select what you’d like to have around it. That way, we can verify the size of
the piece, confirm how you’d like it to look, and go over any alternate ideas that may present themselves. The custom framer also has a background in fine art, and can make quite a
few recommendations if given the opportunity.

Lastly, upon request, you can get a written estimate that you can take and shop around to other stores for a better price. We’re confident that you’ll come back when you see what
other stores charge for their products and services.**

*Your Mileage May Vary

**The estimate you receive does not provide detailed information on the materials. Some shops do price-matching, which might be good for you, but isn't it better in the long run to go
with a shop that
doesn't require proof of lower prices to give you a good deal?

Q: Can I bring in my own materials and work there in the shop?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to business liability, we can not allow materials that weren't purchased in the shop to be worked on here. It's unfortunate that we have to take this position,
but our liability with other parties' property is not something that can be waived, at least not in the eyes of the law. If you received this service in the past from the previous owner,
please understand that this is a new owner, with a different perspective regarding business law. We can do the work for you, though, and might be able to work out a discounted labor
rate. "sigh" Now if only some of y'all would actually READ this...

Q: Will the finished frame fit in my car?

A: Know the dimensions of your vehicle. I can give you the finished dimensions of your frame, but using divination to tell if it'll fit in your car is above my pay-scale.
Unless you're driving a Mazda Miata, in which case the answer is "no." It's good to have friends with SUVs, minivans, or pickup trucks. One piece of advice is to bring blankets to   
wrap the piece in for transport. LOTS of blankets. In a pinch, U-Haul rents vehicles

Q: Will you cut down this frame I bought from another store?

A: Sorry, but no. That is not a service we offer, nor are we likely to. It just creates more problems than it solves. We apologize for any inconvenience that may stem from this answer.
UPDATE 11/10/18 - We are THINKING about offering a limited service for cutting down/reassembling existing frames. It'd be along the lines of a "at your own risk" deal, but we're
looking at the viability of offering the service. Stay tuned.

Q: I know how to cut mats, though. Can I at least cut my own mat?

A: We went back and forth over this question several times. At this time, we're just too small to take on the risk of a third party using our equipment. Again, apologies for any

Q: Well, crap. Can you at least still sell me supplies?

A: Not with that attitude, mister.

Q: What about ready-made frames? Do you have those?

A: Well, no and yes. We do NOT have standard-sized ready-made frames for sale here. What we DO have are what we call "misfit frames." They're frames that, for whatever reason,
didn't work for the customers who ordered them, and so dwell in eternal loneliness on the Island of Misfit Frames. If you're looking for a frame for a non-specific project and you
want to save a few bucks, you can always come on in and try your luck on the island!

Q: I’m a local artist. Can you give me some sort of discount?

A: Frame It Yourself will offer a 15% discount to students (art and otherwise), teachers, seniors, and active military and their immediate family.

If you are a reseller with a valid CA sellers permit, we also offer the 15% discount in addition to not charging sales tax. Please note that this only applies to framing materials being
purchased for later resale.

We also want to open up a system of barter with some local artists to display their work as part of our framing samples. Once we’ve worked out that system, again, we’ll update our
website with the details.

Q: Why do you still call yourself "Frame It Yourself" if you don't still offer do-it-yourself framing?

A: 'Cause we're eeeeeeevil. Also, there's a certain amount of hoop-jumping when it comes to changing the name of a business, which makes that option less than desirable. 7-11 is still
7-11 even though they're open 24 hours instead of, well, 11. AT&T is still AT&T even though American Telegraph & Telephony hasn't sold a single telegraph in probably about 100
years. Even though we no longer give customers the option of framing it themselves, we still offer quality custom framing at an affordable price.